TFAIDM - Do We Buy Magazines?

Do you want to buy my magazine collection?

We had a rather short section about this in the FAQ - but after receiving daily messages missing one key factor ( How much? ) we now have a slightly longer reply!

Are we interested in your magazine collection? Possibly. We discard an awful lot of magazine collections either gifted or purchased if they have pages missing or significant faults. A large portion of what we buy is unfortunately rejected.

As a growing archive, we would always be interested to hear about collections you may no longer need or have inherited. We would gladly receive an email if you are wishing to sell your collection or to make a donation! 

Could we ask that you let us know as much about the issues as possible? The condition and quantity. Pictures are helpful. We would need to know how much you wish to sell your collection for.  And to be somewhat realistic.

A little bit of information regarding our collection.

The detailing of this magazine archive and content has taken over a decade to collate with intense poring over each editorial and article. The entire inventory is not going to sell within a week (sadly!) and we base our pricing on the absolute best quality we can find. You may have stumbled upon us as you initially wished to sell a box of magazines for say £50/£100. If this is then largely inflated after seeing the love which has gone into referencing every single issue, we are unlikely to trade. 

With daily emails of collections offered we can not enter into too much debate about value. Consider what you initially expected for your collection, let us know - and hopefully we can make a purchase. If you do not have a price in mind, we probably can not reply.

With apologies in advance, as of August 2022 we are struggling to reply to 'offers of magazines offered to us' emails. We will reply to you but this make take a short while. Thanks. 

Oh. And we are in the North West of the UK. ;-)

You can contact us at (replace AT with @)

Might we also add ( as sadly this happens too frequently) that if we are unable to purchase your magazines, we request rather strongly that you do not use our pictures or descriptions to sell your items elsewhere. All information and images on our site are the property of Magazine Canteen. For those that unfortunately ignore this, we take this very seriously and actively seek to have this removed.