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The Face Magazine & I-D Archive - About Us

We have been actively and passionately collecting fashion and style magazines for the past 30 years. This website shows just a few of our favourite collections which we have a complete run of. 
Many years ago, we once sold back issue copies on eBay. With a feedback score of thousands of positive sales and transactions, we closed our account in 2017. Later in 2017, we opened our major website 'MagazineCanteen' which has grown into one of the largest online archives of magazines worldwide. 
In over 20 years of online trading, and a close eye on the marketplace we have learned that there are two types of collectors. Those that desire the most perfect condition copy you can find, in as close to its original condition as possible. ( Like ourselves ) Then - there are customers who simply want to have the magazine for reading purposes of studies, with the condition not entirely important.  Over many years of supplying vintage magazines to fashion houses, design students, researches and journalists, we have found that in many cases the overall condition is not the most important factor. 
Furthermore, in order to constantly fulfill our own obsession with completing our archive, along with suppling our hundreds of loyal customers worldwide, we inevitably have numerous copies of our 4 major collections with minor faults or imperfections. This is how "The Face & I-D Archive' was born. 
When purchasing a magazine from our archive - we must stress that every single magazine offered for sale on this website will have an imperfection in some way. This may be, an inscription on the front cover ( usually from the days where a newsagent would reserve a copy for you and write your name on the top ) possibly some creasing or folds to the front or back cover. On occasion, a stain from a drink being placed on the cover to protect the furniture or in some cases, a page removed. 
This website will not detail the entire contents of the magazine. However the magazine has been checked ( most likely numerous times over the past decade ) and the magazine will only be offered for sale with an imperfection which does not detract from the overall concept of the publication. On the odd and rare occasion that a page has been removed it will be noted. 
Our alternative and original magazine website remains live ( Magazine Canteen ) offering the best condition copies you can find. To visit our original website click here - Here you will find hundreds more collections and almost 100,000 individual titles. Please note that we can not post orders with magazines from both websites. Please order from one, or the other.